Nature and Wildlife

The Ironbridge Gorge is now a tranquil place and a good place to see a wide range of wildlife. As the heavy industry declined in the early 20th century, nature reclaimed the landscape, bringing with it a wide variety of animals and plants.

The woodlands harbour rare tree species such as Large Leaved Lime and the Wild Service. Bee and Butterfly Orchids thrive on rich limestone grassland and Ploughman’s Spikenard in wild-flower rich hay meadows.

Bird species such as the rare Willow Tit, butterflies such as the White Letter Hairstreak and the internationally rare species of cranefly make this area really special for wildlife.

Dividing the Gorge in half is the River Severn, once an important trading route for Industry, now a haven for water loving species such as Otter and Kingfisher. Its rising and falling of river levels brings disruption and awe to a tranquil place.

Whether you are a professional ecologist, student, or a member of the public who wants to enjoy a relaxing walk through a stunningly beautiful landscape, our land has something for you. Free open access on foot all year round, the footpaths have way-marked routes and fingerposts to guide you.