What we do

The Trust’s aim is to 

promote, protect and conserve the living landscape of the

Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site


The Trust is responsible for managing over half the land in the Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site which has a diverse range of habitats, including wildflower meadows, woodlands and heathlands.

…….but that’s not all – we maintain over 20 kilometres of footpaths, conserve and protect 60 historic structures, run exciting Outdoor Learning and Volunteering Programmes to encourage local people and visitors to engage with the natural environment in a variety of ways.

To achieve the above the Trust has 5 main charitable objectives:


Landscape and Nature Conservation

Aim: to enhance a living and working landscape that retains its locally distinctive characteristics, habitats and species populations

Looking after and managing our sites is a key way that we can directly benefit wildlife.  The Trust’s land contains many outstanding examples of scarce and uncommon habitats and species.  All of our land is open to the public and provides excellent opportunities for contact with nature which in turn has a positive effect on the quality of life and well- being of the community


Cultural and Historical Features

Aim: to conserve and interpret, where appropriate all features of cultural and historical significance

The industrial past of the Ironbridge Gorge has left its mark on the area in more ways than just the Iron Bridge itself.  Many types of industry thrived here and the Trust looks after 60 historic structures from small retaining walls to brick arches, lime kilns to mine breathers and adit entrances  The Trust has spent over £250,000 in the last ten years conserving the industrial heritage of the Ironbridge Gorge.

Community Engagement and Outdoor Learning

Aim: to provide inspiring experiences of the natural world and encourage people to manage their local environment through volunteering opportunities

The land that we are responsible for provides a focus for community involvement.  Volunteers are keen to help manage various sites and it also offers fantastic opportunities for research, education, exploration and most importantly having fun!

Access and Recreation

Aim: to provide high quality access for informal recreation for the enjoyment of all and to encourage outdoor activity for the benefits of health and wellbeing

Our aim is for our sites to feel as natural as possible, so we strive to balance the need for good paths, signs and interpretation with the need to preserve the countryside we all head outdoors for.  We have tried to remove any unnecessary barriers to people’s enjoyment by removing squeeze stiles with kissing gates and providing rest points to pause and savour the fantastic views.  We still have improvements to make and will continue to strive to make it better.  Enabling people to explore and enjoy the natural world is fundamental to the work of the Trust and that is why all our land is free for everyone to enjoy.

Raising Awareness

Aim: to develop and promote a wider awareness and understanding of the Trust’s work

Community Engagement is essential to the success of all of our work; we aim to work with local communities to engage people of all ages through events, volunteering opportunities and education to ensure the sustainability of our ‘Outdoor Learning Programme’.