Severn Gorge Countryside Trust (SGCT) Woodland Management  and Tree Works at Dale and Lloyds Coppice

Statement from Staff and Trustees

  1. The Trust acknowledges that it could have communicated the proposed tree works better and had not appreciated the strength of feeling the marking of the trees would create within the local community. We apologise for this oversight.
  2. The Trust owes a Duty of Care under the Occupiers Liability Act and takes that responsibility very seriously to do everything it reasonably can to keep visitors safe.
  3. The Trust has followed the approved Forestry Commission Management Plan and tree safety assessments by our arboriculture consultant in determining the tree works.
  4. The Trust has listened carefully to the views both in support and opposition to the proposed tree works.

 Staff and Trustees propose the following actions:

  • We will review and identify trees for retention, felling or tree surgery. We will aim to maintain where possible, practical and economically viable the visual appearance. The revised works to trees will be marked with tree tags.
  • We will submit a Section 211 notice (Planning Permission). A plan and schedule of the revised proposed tree works will be included in the application. We welcome the views of the local community via the planning process. (Not direct to SGCT). The link to the planning application will be posted on the SGCT website ( and social media. No tree works will commence until planning permission is approved.
  • The Trust will communicate when the works will be undertaken at Dale Coppice and Lloyds Coppice if planning permission is granted.
  • Where openings in the canopy are created natural regeneration will be encouraged to ensure the long-term health of the woodland.
  • A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) will be developed and posted on the SGCT Website

A ‘Woodlands within Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site’ facilitated event will be arranged. This will enable the local community to put forward their views for consideration regarding future woodland management works throughout the Gorge. (Proposed for Autumn 2023).