The recent snow fall has caused a large amount of tree damage which the Trust is working hard to clear up.

So that you know which sites are walkable and which to stay away from: (all currently very icy)
Loamhole Dingle – now open – the Lydebrook had become almost blocked by the larger v shaped wooden footbridge and by the entrance to the silt trap which was of concern given the thaw. We spent yesterday with a team of 5 clearing this including using ropes to haul large limbs out of the water
Ropewalk to Lydebrook and part of Shropshire Way – open
Severn Valley Way from Station Yard car park to Free Bridge – main fallen trees cleared – 2 hung up trees to be dealt with by Trust staff on Monday. The SVW from there to Jackfield is managed by T & W
LLoyds Coppice main track – being worked on as I type but may not be open till New Year
Dale Coppice and Lincoln Hill – open – 2 branches to deal with
Bower Yard picnic site – 2 large branches dealt with and open
Benthall Edge – lower slopes nearest Iron Bridge – total carnage – scores of large trees and branches down. All paths closed – will take a couple of months to be cleared. We cannot start this work until the Severn Valley Way from the Iron Bridge to the Cooling Towers is cleared by T & W Council and they understandably have a huge amount of higher priority work.
Benthall Edge – upper path from Workhouse Coppice to Patten’s Rock Quarry viewpoint – open though one tree down in Foxholes though can use steps to bypass
Workhouse Coppice – not surveyed yet
Crostan – we understand may be trees down across the Bridleway at the top which we will try to get to before New Year but can’t guarantee
Other sites such as Sutton Wood and Haywood and Jiggers will be surveyed next week.
In terms of Benthall Edge, though the damage looks extensive, it is actually only nature restructuring the woodland, allowing a lot more light in next Spring which in turn should lead to more natural regeneration. There will also be a lot more dead wood for invertebrates.
If you do go for a walk just be aware that there may be snow damaged trees around so take care.