Proposed Woodland Management Works


Proposed Woodland Management Works

What work is being planned?

Over the next two years the Trust will be carrrying out woodland management works at several of the sites it is responsible for.

If you would like to know more about the proposed works and the reasons for doing them please download the following presentations:

Woodland Management – Managing for our great grandchildren in uncertain times – Russell Rowley – CEO -SGCT

Woodland Managment- Ecology – John Handley -Trust Ecologist

Woodland Management – Tree Risk Assessments- Douglad Purce -Chartered Forester

Woodland Management – Zone Two – Nathan Morris – Head of Countryside


Videos of squirrel damage in Beech trees in Dale Coppice

The following link shows videos of squirrel damage in 5 of the large beech trees in Dale Coppice.

Squirrel Damaged Trees – Dale Coppice

If you have any questions regarding the proposed works please email Nathan Morris, Head of Countryside at


Woodland Management Plan

Forestry Commission Approved Woodland Management Plan

Before any woodland mangement works can be undertaken, the Trust has had to complete a woodland management plan that goes out to statutory consultation before being approved by the Forestry Commission.

To read the Trust’s Woodland Management Plan, please follow the link:

FC Approved Woodland Management Plan


Forest Research

Managing rides

This link provides information on the ecological value and management of rides, roadsides and edge habitats. Part One describes the ecology of edges and open areas. It looks at their value in both semi-natural and plantation woodland, and discusses the influences of light and microclimate, vegetation succession and wildlife. Part Two provides a guide to edge management options, including practical advice on strategy, design, maintenance of vegetation zones and monitoring.

Forest Research – managing rides, roadsides and edge habitats in lowland forests

The impact of Light in Woodlands

Why is this important?

The following link is to a paper written by Russell Rowley, CEO SGCT and the late Rodney Helliwell, pioneering arboriculturist, silviculturist and forest scientist who pioneered new ways to manage and value trees and woodlands in Britain. In forestry, Rodney made significant and enduring contributions in several areas of tree, woodland and landscape management. But it was his championing of “Continuous Cover Forestry” (CCF), a term he was instrumental in defining and promoting, that will stand perhaps as his greatest legacy in the field. Early in his career he identified the need to see woodlands as ecosystems that deliver multiple values and benefits. By maintaining a continuous woodland canopy and avoiding clearings he saw an opportunity to manage the woodland resource in a more sustainable and nature-oriented manner. In many ways his ideas on ecosystems and benefits were a trigger for later widely accepted ideas of defining “ecosytem services”.

Daylight and Tree Protection within Woodlands -Russell Rowley & Rodney Helliwell


Help us tackle climate change

There are many ways in which you can help us tackle climate change.  Why not become a volunteer with the Trust and help us to care for the landscape and the wildlife that depend on them.  You could leave a gift in your will or give a donation to help us continue to care for the living landscape of the Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site.

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