Wynnes Coppice, Vane Coppice & Jiggers Bank

JiggersThese three sites form a virtually continuous tract of woodland and grassland from Stoneyhill across the eastern face of the upper Coalbrookdale valley, sweeping to the east round to the Lightmoor Valley. The area includes a mixture of ancient semi-natural woodland, which has been in existence since at least 1600, and other areas of more recent plantation or secondary woodland, established by Telford Development Corporation in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s on former grazing land.

The older semi-natural woodland, dominated by oak, is concentrated on the steeper ground at Wynnes Coppice and a central spine of steep ground in Vane Coppice. The younger plantation woodlands at Jiggers Bank and in the remainder of Vane Coppice are mainly on less steep ground. They feature a complex mixture of conifer and broadleaved species. These younger woodlands often contain remnant hedges, hedge banks and hedgerow trees, belying their earlier use as grazing land. There is also a small pool at the south-eastern end of Wynnes Coppice, close to Crackshall Lane. Five species of amphibian have been recorded in this pool: great crested, smooth, and palmate newts, common frog and common toad.

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