Ropewalk Meadow and Sunniside Deer Park

RopewalkThe Ropewalk Meadow is a small but wonderful example of a traditional hay meadow  an area that has possibly never seen artificial seeding or fertilisers. The soil’s low fertility actually ensures a wide biodiversity; well over a hundred different plant species regularly being recorded.

Here in summer grow Yellow Rattle, Burnet Saxifrage and Twayblade Orchid, all of which are considered uncommon in Shropshire. It is also home to an abundance of Common Spotted Orchids, while Small Heath Butterflies thrive in the meadow. The grassland is cut once in July after the plants have set seed, thus ensuring next year’s richness.

Nearby is Sunniside Deer Park, a small, enclosed area of formal park laid out by the Darby family in the late 1700s. Much of the evidence of the park has now gone (including the deer), although a few veteran Beech and Limes survive, as does a boundary brick wall to the west of the Ropewalk Meadow.  The Trust’s office is now based here.

For more  information you can  view the management plan 

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