Oilhouse Coppice and Pastures

OilhouseOilhouse Coppice and pastures is an area of land on the gentle southern slopes above Lightmoor Stream. It encompasses woodland and flower-rich pasture, altogether extending to 8.5 hectares (21 acres). It also adjoins Rough Park, a landscaped area formerly open-cast clay workings.

The grassland of Oilhouse pastures is particularly important in supporting a wide variety of flora, typical of old hay meadows. Sweet-vernal grass, cowslips and yellow rattle all thrive here. This last species reputedly derives its name from the rattle of the seed in its pod, at which point folk-lore indicated it was time to mow the hay.

Oilhouse Coppice itself is ancient woodland but clearly from its name served other industrial uses, probably during the 18C and 19C. From spring onwards, the woodland floor is carpeted in ramsons, giving off its pungent garlic aroma. The plant dominates large areas, but elsewhere there are many other species, such as bluebell, wood anemones, and wood sorrel.

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