Loamhole and Lydebrook Dingle

lydebrookLoamhole and Lydebrook Dingle are two narrow connected valleys which sit within a very rich and varied landscape at upper Coalbrookdale. Much of the woodland associated with Lydebrook has been undisturbed for a long time, and has the feel of the original wildwood about it. Loamhole is an enchanting place with pockets of nearby hazel coppice, a spectacular hay meadow, and the remains of a historic deer park. Both dingles are very secluded places with a network of associated footpaths.

Lydebrook Dingle and is a Site of Special Scieintific Intrest (SSSI) and is of national conservation importance, of particular importance is the rare cranefly Lipsothrix nigristigma, found in only a handful of sites in the UK (and nowhere else in the world). Its larvae feed on wet, rotten wood lying in fast-flowing streams.

For more you can view the management plan.

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