Lincoln Hill

043 26112005Lincoln Hill offers one of the finest views of the Iron Bridge from a point known as the Rotunda. The edifice built there in the early 1790s had cast iron pillars and a domed roof. It also had a revolving seat with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. However, it had a short life, being demolished in 1804, possibly due to instability of the nearby limestone quarry face. An interpretation panel on the Rotunda shows such views in the 1790s.

Lincoln Hill is today a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), an area of national importance for its geology. It is composed of limestone, an uplifted sea-bed formed 420 million years ago when Britain lay south of the Equator. The process of forming coral reefs would have been very much like that underway in the shallow seas of the Caribbean today.

The woodland of Lincoln Hill can be explored by a number of historic footpaths. These are described in detail in the Trusts publication: Coalbrookdale: Three Historic Woodland Walks and the new walking leaflet The Sabbath Walks Trail

For more  information you can also view the management plan.

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