LadywoodLadywood is a large ancient woodland, adjacent to the road from Ironbridge to Broseley, on the south side of the River Severn. It was once the site of considerable industrial activity with different areas being worked for clay, coal and stone. Associated with its industrial past is a legacy of collapsed shafts, spoil heaps, mounds and tracks.

Some of the stone quarried from Ladywood is believed to have been used for the abutments on the southern side of the Iron Bridge at the time of its construction in the late-1700s. This was repeated in 1999/2000 when a small quantity of stone from the woodland was extracted for the refurbishment of the bridge.

Ladywood is also important for wildlife, one area of which is a large pond, an invaluable wetland habitat in a woodland setting. As well as its newts and frogs, the pond supports a particularly rare species of beetle, Haliplus heydenii.


For more information you can view theĀ Management Plan.

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