Captains Coppice

Captains CoppiceCaptains Coppice is a 4.5 hectare (11 acre) area of woodland on the western valley slopes of Coalbrookdale. It contains maturing beech and sycamore, with some ash and oak, and has been managed as plantation woodland since the 19C. As its name suggests, it was probably traditionally coppiced for industrial and domestic purposes.

Volunteers monitoring the woodland condition in Captains CoppiceIn spring and early summer, the woodland floor is carpeted with the bright green foliage of wild garlic, a carpet which later turns white as the plant pushes up its many spiked flowers. The air is often heady with the plant’s distinctive smell.

Today the lower area of the wood is leased to the Green Wood Centre, and is being coppiced once again to provide small-diameter material for a variety of traditional crafts and courses run by the Centre, such as hedgelaying and hurdle-making.  A new path has been created through the lower wood running parallel with Station Road making the route more accessible and safer to walk along.

Captains Coppice can be accessed along a public right of way through the wood. The path climbs steeply up from the road via a flight of steps.

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