Our Building

The Severn Gorge Countryside Trust is based in Coalbrookdale in an award winning sustainable building. The office is timber framed, wool insulated and heated by 2 log burners. The outside cladding is Larch which we harvested from our woodlands. The office has a heat exchanger that circulates and recycles the air, warming the new cooler air as it passes through the exchanger. The roof is made up from approximately ten thousand Western Red Cedar shingles. The office is insulated with  sheep wool mixed with recycled polyester , it has remarkable properties, in that during  the winter it keeps the building warm and in the summer it keeps the building cool. It also has the ability to absorb chemicals from the OSB wood fibre board.

Community Room

The office has a community room which is available for hire for events, it is big enough for about 30 people. For enquiries regarding hiring the room please ring the office on 01952 433880 or email staff@severngorge.org.uk.