On 28th April orchards across the nation are preparing to open their gates for Orchard Blossom Day.  This new annual celebration of fruit trees, flowers and food launches across the UK and Europe on  the last Friday of April. The Day is partly for the joy of celebrating orchards as magical places for the benefit of people and nature, places of a huge but dwindling variety of fruit trees and places in need of conservation across Britain and Europe. But it is also to raise awareness of local food production using more wildlife friendly methods.

Supported by the dozens of organisations that comprise the UK Orchard Network, this new Day will complement the hugely popular Apple Day events started by Common Ground in 1990 to celebrate the apple harvest in all its variety.

Find your local open orchard or discover more about heritage orchards at www.orchardnetwork.org.uk.

The Trust has two community Orchards; Woodside Orchard and Coalport Orchard, for more information please follow the link https://www.severngorge.org.uk/orchards/

Here you will find the directions to the Orchards together with some activities you can do.