At SGCT we are always trying to improve what we do and following our recent purchase of the sheep flock from Harry and Gill Pettit we bought a sheep race, which is basically an open topped tunnel with an up down gate one end and a sorting gate the other end. The sorting gate is the clever bit because it means you can sort sheep into ewes and rams, breeding and non breeding etc by moving the gate to send them in 2 different directions, into a trailer or holding pen.

We also had an inspection visit from the vet, Chris from Severn Edge Vets, which he needs to do every now and again to carry on dispensing medicines to us. Sheep get very jumpy unless they are huddled up together so the sheep race means doing a condition assessment to check how healthy they are, as well as giving any medication is much easier.

It may seem like a lot of our posts have been about sheep recently and that is because it is the time of the year when you move the sheep off the hay meadows having ‘aftermath’ grazed after the hay cuts, onto the lusher pasture to keep them going through the winter. As well as this its time to decide which ewes you will breed from to put in with the new ram on November 5th, and following the fireworks you then aim for lambs around 1st of April.

So yesterday we sorted 51 ewes and moved them with the excellent help of our volunteer ‘lookerer’ shepherds without which we would struggle to manage a sheep flock.