Lookerers, Volunteer Shepherds

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Trust runs a very successful volunteer shepherding scheme called the lookeres, they help look after the flock of Soay sheep which we graze on our meadows and pastures. Currently we have 60 sheep.

The lookerers take turns in checking the sheep and making sure all is present and correct. They also help with routine care of the sheep, such worming and any vacinations they require. The most important job is helping to catch the flighy sheep so we can carry out the work needed.

The sheep are an important tool for the Trust, once our meadows once they have been cut for hay they graze the aftermath growth which helps to thin out the sward and create gaps for new plants to set seed in to.

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If you are intrested in joning our lookerer scheme please contact the trust on 01952 433880 or staff@severngorge.org.uk.