Today we opened the new 120 metre long Loamhole silt trap flood by pass path and nature decided to oblige by flooding the old path last night!

Up until now when the silt trap floods it has meant that the popular path up Loamhole Dingle was closed as was too dangerous to walk.

This has been a big project for the Trust several months in the planning, funded by a successful grant application to Veolia and also kindly supported by MV Kelly Ltd. Around 12o tons of stone were delivered by DJ Gwilts, main contractor Access and Habitat Management then worked with SGCT and Landau volunteers to lay out then construct the path, using terram underlay and timber edging.

Loamhole Dingle is a well used circular path up from Upper Furnace Pool up through a beautiful wooded valley to the Ropewalk and back onto Darby Road.

An interpretation panel and Trail leaflet are now in production. This is part of a several year project by SGCT to improve its network of many paths and Trails through the fabulous Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site.