We have installed leaflet dispensers in locations in the Gorge with our new trail leaflets:

Entrance to Severn Valley Way next to Toll House with the ‘Lime Trail’ around Benthall Woods;

Station Yard car park entrance to the Iron Bridge on way marker post with the ‘Iron Trail’;

Lloyd’s finger post ‘to Blists Hill’ on Coalport Road (near crooked house) with ‘Ironbridge to Blists Hill Victorian Town’;

Blists Hill lower car park fingerpost with ‘Ironbridge to Blists Hill’;

Church Road entrance into Dale Coppice woodland opposite Holy Trinity Church with ‘Sabbath Walks’.

If you see any of these dispensers with lids up, please close! If empty, please contact the Trust. Thank you.

Also trail leaflets available at Darlingtons gift shop on the Wharfage, Museum of the Gorge Tourist Information Centre and Maws Craft Centre and other retail and business outlets.