A great evening yesterday spent at Preston Montford, headquarters of the Field Studies Council, being shown around by Head of Centre Adrian Pickles.  Its an amazing site next to the River Severn just outside Shrewsbury and they teach literally thousands of children and adults about nature and countryside management each year. Twenty three had gathered to see the latest progress on Fran’s Meadow and to discuss the next part of the plan where SGCT will provide some hay scythe training and bring some more bales of wildflower rich hay working with local volunteers and ecologists. It was very satisfying to know that after just one year this meadow is already being well used by the FSC as a teaching resource. The FSC is a great organisation – keep up the good work! In the picture Adrian was explaining how the geology of the Severn at Preston Montford links to the Geology at Ironbridge in the glacial period.