Development Strategy 2018-2028

The purpose of the Development Strategy 2018-2028 is to help the Trust achieve its aim of:

‘promoting,protecting and conserving the living landscape of the Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site’

The Development Strategy will focus and prioritise our work for the years ahead.  Initially covering a ten year period the strategy builds upon our successes so far together with lessons learned and sets out the Trust’s vision for achieving its charitable objectives until 2028.  The Trust has put in place appropriate policies, organisational structures and resources to manage, administer and finance the Trust’s operations.  These systems are key to enabling the Trust to achieve its objectives.

Annual work plans and budgets will be developed to deliver the aims of the Development Strategy and will take into account the Trust’s resources at any given time, so that it does not compromise its long term viability.

It is likely that new opportunities and issues will present themselves over the lifespan of the Development Strategy, which are relevant to the Trust’s objectives, its land and its land management.  If such opportunities or issues arise, Trustees and staff will judge each case on its merit; consider their impact in relation to the Trust’s charitable objectives and the effect they will have on implementing this Development Strategy.

If you would like to download a pdf of the strategy please click on the Development Strategy image.  Alternatively if you would like to receive a copy in the post please email:, or telephone 01952 433880