Click to downloadThis has been a year of real success, some significant changes and a sense of increasing pace of change and professionalism within the organisation.

The most notable success was probably the award of £299,500 Heritage Lottery Fund Grant for our Volunteering project with The Green Wood Centre. This is significant for a number of reasons; it is the biggest grant the Trust has ever received, it is the first time the Trust has attempted to take a proactive role in volunteering work on our own land. The fact that it is a partnership is also very significant for us; the Trust has limited resources and will only be able to achieve its objectives through making common cause with those that have similar goals.

Since the end of the financial year we have also seen the departure of the Trust’s Manager for the past two years, James Power. Coming to us from a VSO posting in Malawi, he is now going off on one of life’s other great adventures; marriage and parenthood,and is joining his partner in the South East.  The post of Conservation Manager at Sussex Wildlife Trust (one of the country’s biggest), is the other part of his new “package”. We will miss James, he has made a great deal of difference to the Trust, but we wish him well for the future.

In James’ place, we are extremely pleased to have appointed Russell Rowley as the Trust’s new manager. Russell comes to us after spending 10 years as the Chief Executive of the Small Woods Association.

We look forward to another challenging year ahead, with the Trust deepening its partnership work and looking to establish an even stronger platform for conservation and community involvement in South Telford.

Ian Baker 15th July 2006