Ancient Woodland

Benthall Edge WoodAncient woodland covers the slopes of most of the Ironbridge Gorge, giving the area its very special character. Although often disturbed by past mining and quarrying, these woods stand on sites that have had a covering of trees for many hundreds of years. As a result, they often support rare and unusual plants and animals.

The woods, particularly at higher elevations, such as at Benthall Edge and Lloyds Coppice, are especially important because they are referred to as borderland woods, ones that mark the transition in species and character between lowland Britain and those of the uplands.

Care of these special places requires the Trust to implement planned programmes of thinning an, at the same time as encouraging the growth of seedlings of native species.This approach to forestry is called continuous Cover Forestry. It retains woodland cover into perpetuity. it is important for the regeneration of the woodland that the young trees are protected from browsing animals, mainly deer. We aim to do this by using small enclosures  2 m in diameter in conjunction with our deer management programme. Using a CCF approach in our woodland helps us meet more off our objectives that if we used traditional forestry system. The Trust is a member of the Continuous Cover Forestry group.