The past two days we have been working with specialists from Vertical Access Ltd doing the bi-annual inspection of Jiggers Bank rockfaces. The inspection is very hands on and includes the men abseiling down the face every few metres, descaling (ie pulling off) any small loose rocks, coppicing any vegetation, torque testing each of the rock bolts installed in 2008 for tightness, checking the netting, measuring the crack monitors to check for signs of movement, checking that the old tree stumps are stable and not rotten and photographing it all to send us a report.

Our job this time was to control the traffic using stop go boards (following permission from T & W Council) to do a double stop if any loose rocks were being taken off because, as these photos show, its a long way down to the cars below!

Vertical Access will return next April or May to carry out a further inspection and we will apply for a one day road closure to enable us to carry out some safety works.

DSCN3019 IMG_3129