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Sheep movements

Yesterday we moved 10 hopefully expectant ewes along with 'Abraham the Ram' from Shakespeare meadow to Oilhouse pastures. They had done a great job in grazing the meadow and needed to move onto pastures new. They will stay here until mid January and then...

Jiggers Bank

We have managed to complete all works on Jiggers Bank in only 2 days instead of 3, so the road is now reopened. Through taking a coordinated approach in partnership the following was achieved: two tonne rock shield safely removed, all hedges cut by DJ Gwilts, all...

Wild in the Wilderness

We've gone 'Wild in the Wilderness' today on our family walk. We've tied in the new willow growth on our willow dome and collected autumn leaves and berries to weave into our frames. Found worms and molehills and even encountered some of our Soay sheep on our travels!...

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