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‘Forage for Free’

Autumn is almost upon us and it is an ideal time to head outdoors and forage for some of the hedgerow bounty that nature has produced. Not only could you make some beautiful recipes but the best thing about foraging is that it is FREE! It's a good idea to take a good...

Geocaching in the Gorge

Summer holidays.....children getting bored? Why not take them Geocaching in the Gorge? The Trust has over 40 Geocaches hidden on its land. Geocaching is kind of like a treasure hunt, All over the UK there are hidden boxes for people to find. Inside the boxes you will...

Bower Yard Picnic Site

The wild flowers at Bower Yard Picnic site are looking glorious, why not take a stroll down over the weekend to catch them in full bloom. Its a great place to stop for a view of the river and the Iron Bridge. Pack up a picnic lunch and have a relaxing break. Thanks...

Outdoor Learning Programme - Walks and Workshops

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